Walking in the footsteps of our ancestors, but also discovering new ways to work.

Fontanatype Foundry is the first Hungarian digital foundry formed by Gábor Kóthay and Amondó Szegi in 1999 in Szeged. The Fontana was created to revive the Hungarian character design walking in the footsteps of Misztótfalusi Kis Nicholas (1650–1702)

Fontana is specialized in designing quality fonts for professional use. In everything we try to satisfy users’ requirements. All letters have been meticulously designed taking into account the modern hinting and kerning rules. The major types of standard Unicode support all Latin-based languages. This proves that we focus on extended language support. Thus born the Greek and Cyrillic font families.

We create fonts not only for the type of retail use but also for individual, corporate, and specific purposes.

In addition, We have experimental fonts as well. In this case, of course, the need for language support is relegated to the background. However, we consider road searching because this work hallmarks the colorful palette of Fontanatype.

Amondo Szegi

Amondo Szegi

Art Director