Custom fonts are powerful tools for communication.



Custom fonts will be consistent with the rest of an organisation’s branding program. In many cases, a complete type family can be developed out of the established logotype, retaining the brand’s equity.


If a typeface was developed from a logotype, it is often necessary to add more styles and create a complete type family (bold, italic, small caps, etc.).


Custom fonts are created to cover all the languages a company requires according to its geographical disposition and expansion plans. Often this involves the development of multiple alphabets and support for complex writing systems.


Custom typefaces are thoroughly tested in the software applications the company uses in its daily tasks, guaranteeing complete compatibility.


Custom typefaces are delivered in all necessary font formats, enabling them to work within the different operating systems the company uses.


Bespokes typefaces will have accurate and smooth rendering across various media formats, from brochures and signage to different screen resolutions and operating systems.

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The corporate font, along with the company’s logotype and colors, is a crucial component of the corporate identity. It communicates with the customer on a subtle but important level conveying the company’s core message. There are several reasons for the growing demand for custom, tailor-made typefaces.
The Fontanatype develops tailored typeface projects upon solid foundations. Our designs are based on the client’s brief, targeted research, and close collaboration with all involved parties (advertising agencies, software developers, and language advisors, to name a few). We can help you stand out from the crowd, so please contact us to discuss your needs.