Done in: 03.2023| by Zóra Kondor | Customer: Creative Market | 6 weights, 7 styles | $39

Sebaj is a funky and versatile display font. Named after a plasticine cartoon character “sebaj Tóbiás” who clumsily molds itself into different shapes throughout its adventures. This character is imperfect but radiates the spirit of loveable clumsiness. Designed by Zóra Kondor with the help of Amondó Szegi. The letter forms are playful and bold with a touch of elegance. The liberal use of serifs indicates the whimsical vibe, also with large width differences in the connecting stems of the letters. With contrasting widths in the character’s building blocks, Tobias comes in 7 styles, 6 weights, weights, and an italic version. Compatible with all European languages. The combination of rounded, slender, and bold shapes, makes it extremely feminine, and perfect for cosmetics packaging, fashion editorials, magazines, and book covers. Besides its elegance, it also gives a cartoony vibe, which makes it a great contender for children’s book layouts and covers. Tobias has loads of personality that will either make you cringe or smile.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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