Release date: 05.2004 | by Amondo Szegi | Customer: IHOF | 1 weight | $19

I have been experimenting with transforming letters, characters, hieroglyphs into Latin characters for many years now. In doing so, I always strive to create a totally new Latin alphabet, while retaining the visual effect of the original characters. One of the results of a series of such attempts is the Mantra type.

I was inspired to start developing Mantra by the lines on a box of Indian scent sticks. Another source of inspiration and motivation was the fact that I began doing yoga and was initiated to Eastern philosophies.

At the same time, in the world of Hungarian motifs, there are also definite traces of some kind of Eastern spirit. The ancient Hungarian alphabet, the Hungarian Runes was replaced by the Latin alphabet more than a thousand years ago, but Hungarians have never forgotten their Eastern origins. Also, while coming close to the end of the process of developing the Mantra type, it was interesting to see how the characters came to show a slight touch of Baroque.

I have designed a large number of ligatures, and, of course, graphic artists and designers using my types can develop further good ligatures from them, not to mention further Mandala formations.

I consider that the Mantra type is most suitable to express freedom, colors, and music. And I like it also because it readily renders itself to further development…

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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