Release date: 05.2004 | by Amondo Szegi | Customer: IHOF | 1 weight | $19

The Mantra typeface, born from my extensive experimentation with transforming letters and characters into a unique Latin alphabet, embodies a synthesis of creativity and cultural influences. Inspired by the elegant lines of an Indian fragrance stick box and fueled by the introspective journey of yoga and Eastern philosophies, Mantra captures the essence of diverse inspirations.

Intriguingly, echoes of an Eastern spirit resonate within Hungarian motifs, paying homage to the ancient Hungarian alphabet and the Hungarian Runes. Despite the replacement of the runes by the Latin alphabet centuries ago, Hungarians have steadfastly retained their connection to Eastern origins. As the development of Mantra neared completion, a subtle touch of the baroque emerged, adding an unexpected dimension to its character.

Designed with a purpose, I believe the Mantra type is most adept at expressing freedom, colors, and music. Its inherent versatility not only preserves the visual impact of original characters but also makes it effortlessly adaptable for continuous improvement and creative exploration.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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