Crave Neue

Realise date: 08. 2008 | by Amondo Szegi | Customer: Canva | 7 weights |  $69

The Crave Neue 2.0 will return refreshed in 2023. This year it has been totally renewed with some redrawn Cyrillic characters and the refreshed fonts of the Latin alphabet. Special characters have also been added; moreover, every weight has been given tabulated and old-style figures, too. Also joined to the font are some special pictograms. This typeface was made according to the needs of the times. It is very legible; besides, it is pretty transparent not to be intrusive on any surface. From now on, it is 7 weights, giving enough freedom to every field of usage. Despite its “grotesque” feature, it has some unique characteristics borrowed from handwriting for instance the lower case ‘k’ ‘l’ or the upper case ‘K’. Many letters have their alternative versions thus e.g. in the regular version the font ‘y’ ‘g’ or in italics the font ‘r’. The Crave Neue can be well-applied in a wide variety of layouts including mobile apps, magazines, newspapers, and books. The history of Crave Neue dates back to approximately 2008 when the first version was completed for Hungarian Airlines. In 2019, it was also included in Canva’s offer. The typeface family supports 96 languages. It is available on every platform in Opentype and WebFont. Since September 2019, extended Cyrillic and Vietnamese support!

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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