Release date: 02.2001 | 2 weights | Customer: T26 |Price: $69

The Glosso restaged in 2022. Glosso has received a major update. (Under the old-new name) Brand new Old Style lettering and lots of alternative glyphs. A Cyrillic version is coming soon.

One of the most beloved letters of the 1920s was Reborn in Glosso. Imre Kner also pays a tribute to it in his 1933 study: “Known as the Roman or Romanian Antiqua, the medieval typeface got into the type caster again as a compromise of written character and letter-cutting. Out of this round letter came those closed type families as huge blocks out of which the cover of the era has been built.”

The modern history of the letter started at the turning of the millennium. The type families were made in the workshop of Fontana for the Eastern European version of the OpenOffice™ that recently got into Sun Microsystems’ Portfolio. The design of Glosso (whose curiosity and beauty lie in its tiny foot) with its baroque features started the same way. However, before the type family could have gained its final form, Sun Microsystems, unfortunately, got out of the project reneging on the oral agreement. The work done so far however was not in vain; after the Fontanatype, first, the T-26 Digital Type Library started marketing the letter type around the world.

The letter has indeed been in circulation for nearly 10 years, it will amaze its users in a new, embellished form. Finally, this extremely utile text letter can show its true colors. Several functions have been added to its users making it even easier to use. Among other things, the total support of the Latin-based languages (Western-, Central-, Eastern European, Baltic, and Turkish) is included. The basic form has been completed with small caps, however, we don’t have to give up on old-style numbers either. The beautifully drawn ornamental initials are also captivating.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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